How To Cook Over Easy Eggs

How To Cook Over Easy Eggs

Wondering about how to cook over easy eggs? The first step to learning how to cook eggs is figuring out what you want them to look like. Maybe you want a sunny side up egg where the yolk stays runny, or maybe you’re trying to get your egg just right and over easy is the way to go (this technique can also be effective for scrambled eggs). Whatever the case, here’s a handy guide on how to get that perfect egg every time.

Step 1: Crack the egg open onto a plate.

  • Break the egg gently on the side of a bowl. Don’t break the yolk!
  • Make sure that no shell gets in with your egg and that you don’t end up breaking it in half or something like that by breaking it too hard. If this happens, just leave it out for now and start over again with another egg (or go get yourself some bibs).
  • Carefully pour the broken egg into frying pan with oil already heating in it (be careful not to burn yourself)

Step 2: Warm the pan on medium low heat.

The first step is to warm the pan on medium low heat. You don’t want to use high heat and you don’t want to use low heat either; instead, set it somewhere in between. This will give you more control over how fast your egg cooks without burning it or leaving it undercooked.

Step 3: When you can see small bubbles start to form around the edges, slide a spatula underneath the egg and gently flip it over.

Once the bubbles have formed around the edges, you can safely slide a spatula underneath your egg and flip it over. Be gentle! The white is still very soft and will break apart easily if you aren’t gentle when flipping your egg.

If this happens, don’t worry—just go back to step one and try again!

Step 4: Avoid piercing the yolk or letting it run out of the egg as it cooks.

Avoid piercing the yolk or letting it run out of the egg as it cooks. Piercing the yolk with a fork or a toothpick will allow too much liquid to escape, turning your sunny-side up eggs into an unappetizing gray mass. A runny yolk will not only be visually unappealing but also won’t taste great: The egg white will begin to cook faster and become rubbery while its center remains undercooked.

To ensure that you don’t damage your hard-worked-for bright yellow yolk, use a spoon or spatula rather than piercing it with a fork (or anything else).

Step 5: Turn off the heat before flipping 

If you want to make sure your eggs are cooked through, turn off the heat before flipping them and wait a minute or two for residual heat to continue cooking them. If you’ve ever had runny yolks, it’s either because they were overcooked or undercooked. The first will be obvious as soon as you cut into it: if the yolk is still runny, it needs more time on the stove. If it looks like a hard-boiled egg with no sign of movement in its center at all, then that’s overcooked and probably dry too! A well-done flip-over should produce a cooked white and an intact yolk (a small amount of liquid may appear around the sides). 


Cooking eggs over easy can be a scary thing to try. If you’ve never done it before, it’s not uncommon to find yourself wondering if you’re doing it right or wrong. Luckily, there are many different ways to make sure that your eggs turn out perfectly every time! One way is by using an egg ring on your pan and making sure that they stay upright while cooking them with a spatula (this will keep them from breaking). Let’s agree, cooking an egg isn’t as simple as it appears. Before exploring alternative cooking methods, why not share your exclusive egg preparation techniques or other easy-to-make dishes on YouTube? Discover Jaynike‘s services to enhance your YouTube presence.

Another option is cooking them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes and flipping once halfway through cooking time. The last option we like best because it will give you a nice crispy outer edge with no mess–just put some butter on top of one side of each piece toast before putting it into the oven for about five minutes (or until golden brown). That’s all there is too our guide on how to cook over easy eggs!

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