How to Choose the Material for the Roof of a Steel Structure Factory?

How to Choose the Material for the Roof of a Steel Structure Factory?

Steel structure factories have become the most commonly used structure for industrial factories due to their simple structure, durability and quick installation. How to choose the roof material for steel structure factories? In fact, the most commonly used material is color steel plate. In addition to being used on the roof and wall of steel structure factories, color steel plates are also widely used in other steel structure buildings, such as waiting halls, gymnasiums, farms, office buildings, etc.

Color steel plates are divided into single plates and composite sandwich panels. Whether a steel structure factory uses single plates or composite plates depends on the budget, needs, and environmental requirements of the factory. Color steel plates are widely used as roof and wall materials in steel structure factories and have their unique advantages.

Beauty: Color steel plates can be sprayed into various colors according to needs, even wood grain colors, ceramic tile colors, retro brick wall colors, etc., to meet various architectural needs. And there are a variety of versions to choose from. There are many kinds of lines of color steel plates after pressing, which perfectly match various architectural shapes and needs.

Simple and fast installation: Color steel plate is light in material, easy and quick to install, greatly shortening the construction period. Moreover, the specifications of color steel plate are uniform, and transportation is particularly convenient. Especially for export projects, color steel plate is light in weight and occupies little space, which can greatly save transportation costs.

Strong and durable: The service life of color steel plate is generally more than 15 years. Of course, we should try to choose brand manufacturers’ products, standard thickness, good paint anti-corrosion effect, and good quality color steel plate can be used for more than 30 years. Even after expiration, it is simple and convenient to replace.

Economical and practical: Color steel plate is relatively cheap and economical. If there are no special requirements, color steel veneer is a very economical choice.


However, color steel veneer does not have thermal insulation performance. If the area is cold and there is a need for thermal insulation, you can choose color steel sandwich panel.

The sandwich materials of color steel sandwich panel generally include foam, glass wool, rock wool, etc. Among them, the best thermal insulation performance is rock wool sandwich panel, which also has fire resistance, and of course the most expensive.

The main disadvantage of color steel sandwich panels is the high material cost, and due to the large footprint, the transportation cost is relatively high.

Another way to save freight and budget, but also need to achieve thermal insulation is to roll cotton. That is, before installing the color steel plate, a layer of roll cotton is laid on the roof. Roll cotton can not only achieve the effect of thermal insulation, but also has fireproof function. And the relative price is much cheaper. It can be rolled into a large roll during transportation and shipped separately from the color steel veneer to save transportation costs. Of course, roll cotton is not as durable as sandwich panels.

There are many options for steel structure roofs. Different materials can be selected according to budget and needs to achieve the most ideal standards. In general, if the budget is loose and there is a need for fire protection, rock wool sandwich panels are preferred; if the budget is tight, but thermal insulation is required, foam sandwich panels or roll cotton plus color steel veneers can be selected; if there is no need for thermal insulation, color steel veneers are selected, which is economical and affordable.

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